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926110 Administration of General Economic Programs

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in the administration, promotion, and development of economic resources, including business, industry, and tourism. Included in this industry are government establishments responsible for the development of general statistical data and analyses and promotion of the general economic well-being of the governed area.

Illustrative Examples:

Consumer protection offices, public administration
Small business development agencies, public administration
Economic development agencies, government
Trade commissions, government
General economics statistical agencies, public administration

  Corresponding Index
926110   Arts and cultural program administration, government
926110   Consumer protection offices
926110   Councils of Economic Advisers
926110   Cultural and arts development support program administration
926110   Development assistance program administration
926110   Economic development agencies, government
926110   Energy development and conservation agencies, nonoperating
926110   Energy program administration
926110   Enterprise development program administration
926110   General economics statistical agencies
926110   Industrial development program administration
926110   Labor statistics agencies
926110   Small business development agencies
926110   Tourism development offices, government
926110   Trade commissions, government
926110   Trade development program administration