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926120 Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in the administration, regulation, licensing, planning, inspection, and investigation of transportation services and facilities. Included in this industry are government establishments responsible for motor vehicle and operator licensing, the Coast Guard (except the Coast Guard Academy), and parking authorities.


Government establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Operating airports, railroads, depots, ports, toll roads and bridges, and other transportation facilities and systems--are classified in Sector 48-49, Transportation and Warehousing;
  • Operating parking lots and parking garages--are classified in Industry 812930, Parking Lots and Garages;
  • Operating automobile safety inspection and emission testing facilities--are classified in Industry Group 8111, Automotive Repair and Maintenance;
  • Building and/or maintaining roads and highways--are classified in Industry 237310, Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction;
  • Providing air traffic control services--are classified in U.S. Industry 488111, Air Traffic Control; and
  • Operating weigh stations--are classified in Industry 488490, Other Support Activities for Road Transportation.
2017 NAICS   Corresponding Index Entries
926120   Aircraft inspection, government
926120   Coast Guard (except academy)
926120   Federal Aviation Administration (except air traffic control)
926120   Licensing of transportation equipment, facilities, and services
926120   Merchant Marine (except academy)
926120   Motor carrier licensing and inspection offices
926120   Motor vehicle licensing offices, government
926120   National Transportation Safety Board
926120   Port authorities and districts, nonoperating
926120   Public transportation commissions, nonoperating
926120   Railroad and warehouse commissions, nonoperating
926120   Transit systems and authorities, nonoperating
926120   Transportation departments, nonoperating
926120   Transportation regulatory agencies
926120   Transportation safety programs, government