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928120 International Affairs

This industry comprises establishments of U.S. and foreign governments primarily engaged in international affairs and programs relating to other nations and peoples.


  • Private-sector trade associations and councils are classified in Industry 813910, Business Associations; and
  • Government establishments administering international trade, such as trade commissions and councils, are classified in Industry 926110, Administration of General Economic Programs.
2017 NAICS   Corresponding Index Entries
928120   Consulates
928120   Diplomatic services
928120   Economic development assistance (i.e., international), government
928120   Embassies
928120   Foreign economic and social development services, government
928120   Foreign government service
928120   Foreign missions
928120   Immigration services
928120   International Monetary Fund
928120   Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
928120   Organization of American States
928120   Passport issuing services
928120   Peace Corps
928120   State Department
928120   United Nations
928120   World Bank