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611519 Other Technical and Trade Schools

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in offering job or career vocational or technical courses (except cosmetology and barber training, aviation and flight training, and apprenticeship training). The curriculums offered by these schools are highly structured and specialized and lead to job-specific certification.

Illustrative Examples:

Bartending schools
Modeling schools
Broadcasting schools
Real estate schools
Computer repair training
Truck driving schools
Graphic arts schools
Specialized military training (except flight instruction, academies, and basic training)


Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Offering courses in office procedures and secretarial and stenographic skills--are classified in Industry 611410, Business and Secretarial Schools;
  • Offering computer training (except computer repair)--are classified in Industry 611420, Computer Training;
  • Offering professional and management development training--are classified in Industry 611430, Professional and Management Development Training;
  • Offering registered nursing training with academic degrees (e.g., associate, baccalaureate)--are classified in Industry 611210, Junior Colleges, or Industry 611310, College, Universities, and Professional Schools;
  • Offering aviation and flight training, including military flight instruction--are classified in U.S. Industry 611512, Flight Training;
  • Operating college level military academies--are classified in Industry 611310, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools;
  • National security and military basic training (except academies)--are classified in Industry 928110, National Security;
  • Offering cosmetology and barber training--are classified in U.S. Industry 611511, Cosmetology and Barber Schools;
  • Offering academic courses that may also offer technical and trade courses--are classified according to the type of school; and
  • Offering apprenticeship training programs--are classified in U.S. Industry 611513, Apprenticeship Training.
2017 NAICS   Corresponding Index Entries
611519   Acupuncture training
611519   Air traffic control schools
611519   Art schools, commercial or graphic
611519   Banking schools (training in banking)
611519   Bartending schools
611519   Broadcasting schools
611519   Bus driver training
611519   Chauffeur training
611519   Computer repair training
611519   Cooking schools
611519   Culinary arts schools
611519   Dental hygienist schools
611519   Dental technician schools
611519   Electronic equipment repair training
611519   Fire fighter training schools
611519   Flight attendant schools
611519   Graphic arts schools
611519   Heavy equipment operation schools
611519   Heavy equipment repair training
611519   Home health aid schools
611519   Hospital management schools (except academic)
611519   Hospitality management schools (except academic)
611519   Marine navigational schools
611519   Massage therapist instruction
611519   Mechanic's schools (except apprenticeship)
611519   Medical technician schools
611519   Modeling schools
611519   Nurse's aides schools
611519   Nursing schools (except academic)
611519   Personal fitness instructor training
611519   Photography schools, commercial
611519   Police training schools
611519   Real estate schools
611519   Restaurant management schools (except academic)
611519   Security guard training
611519   Specialized military training (except flight instruction, academies, and basic training)
611519   Truck driving schools
611519   Yoga instructor training