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611710 Educational Support Services

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing non-instructional services that support educational processes or systems.

Illustrative Examples:

Educational consultants
Educational testing services
Educational guidance counseling services
Student exchange programs
Educational testing evaluation services


Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing job training for the unemployed, underemployed, physically disabled, and persons who have a job market disadvantage because of lack of education or job skills--are classified in Industry 624310, Vocational Rehabilitation Services; and
  • Conducting research and analyses in cognitive development--are classified in Industry 541720, Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
2017 NAICS   Corresponding Index Entries
611710   Career and vocational counseling services (except rehabilitative)
611710   College selection services
611710   Educational consultants
611710   Educational curriculum development services
611710   Educational guidance counseling services
611710   Educational support services
611710   Educational testing evaluation services
611710   Educational testing services
611710   School bus attendant services
611710   Student exchange programs
611710   Study abroad programs
611710   Test development and evaluation services, educational
611710   Testing services, educational