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722410 Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)

This industry comprises establishments known as bars, taverns, nightclubs, or drinking places primarily engaged in preparing and serving alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption. These establishments may also provide limited food services.


Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Preparing and serving alcoholic beverages (i.e., not known as bars or taverns) and providing food services to patrons--are classified in Industry 72251, Restaurants and Other Eating Places;
  • Operating a civic or social association with a bar for the association members--are classified in Industry 813410, Civic and Social Organizations;
  • Retailing packaged alcoholic beverages not for immediate consumption on the premises--are classified in Industry 445310, Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores; and
  • Operating discotheques or dance clubs without selling alcoholic beverages--are classified in Industry 713990, All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries.
  Corresponding Index
722410   Alcoholic beverage drinking places
722410   Bars (i.e., drinking places), alcoholic beverage
722410   Cocktail lounges
722410   Discotheques, alcoholic beverage
722410   Drinking places (i.e., bars, lounges, taverns), alcoholic
722410   Lounges, cocktail
722410   Nightclubs, alcoholic beverage
722410   Tap rooms (i.e., drinking places)
722410   Taverns (i.e., drinking places)