Blue Flower

562 Waste Management and Remediation Services

5621 Waste Collection
  562111   Solid Waste Collection
  562112   Hazardous Waste Collection
  562119   Other Waste Collection
5622 Waste Treatment and Disposal
  562211   Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Services
  562212   Solid Waste Landfills
  562213   Solid Waste Combustors and Incinerators
  562219   Other Nonhazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
5629 Remediation and Other Waste Management Services
  562910   Remediation Services
  562920   Materials Recovery Services
  562991   Septic Tank and Related Services
  562998   All Other Miscellaneous Waste Management Services

Industries in the Waste Management and Remediation Services subsector group establishments engaged in the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste materials. This includes establishments engaged in local hauling of waste materials; operating materials recovery facilities (i.e., those that sort recyclable materials from the trash stream); providing remediation services (i.e., those that provide for the cleanup of contaminated buildings, mine sites, soil, or ground water); and providing septic pumping and other miscellaneous waste management services. There are three industry groups within the subsector that separate these activities into waste collection, waste treatment and disposal, and remediation and other waste management.

Excluded from this subsector are establishments primarily engaged in collecting, treating, and disposing waste through sewer systems or sewage treatment facilities that are classified in Industry 22132, Sewage Treatment Facilities, and establishments primarily engaged in long-distance hauling of waste materials that are classified in Industry 48423, Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Long-Distance. Also, there are some activities that appear to be related to waste management, but that are not included in this subsector. For example, establishments primarily engaged in providing waste management consulting services are classified in Industry 54162, Environmental Consulting Services.