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721 - Accommodation

7211 Traveler Accommodation
  721110   Hotels and Motels (except Casino Hotels)
  721120   Casino Hotels
  721191   Bed-and-Breakfast Inns
  721199   All Other Traveler Accommodation
7212 RV Parks and Recreational Camps
  721211   RV Parks
  721214   Recreational and Vacation Camps
7213 Rooming and Boarding Houses
  721310   Rooming and Boarding Houses

Industries in the Accommodation subsector provide lodging or short-term accommodations for travelers, vacationers, and others. There is a wide range of establishments in these industries. Some provide lodging only, while others provide meals, laundry services, and recreational facilities, as well as lodging. Lodging establishments are classified in this subsector even if the provision of complementary services generates more revenue. The types of complementary services provided vary from establishment to establishment.

The subsector is organized into three groups: (1) traveler accommodation, (2) recreational accommodation, and (3) rooming and boarding houses, dormitories, and workers' camps. The Traveler Accommodation industry group includes establishments that primarily provide traditional types of lodging services. This group includes hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfast inns. In addition to lodging, these establishments may provide a range of other services to their guests. The RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks and Recreational Camps industry group includes establishments that operate lodging facilities primarily designed to accommodate outdoor enthusiasts. Included are travel trailer campsites, recreational vehicle parks, and outdoor adventure retreats. The Rooming and Boarding Houses, Dormitories, and Workers' Camps industry group includes establishments providing temporary or longer-term accommodations, that for the period of occupancy, may serve as a principal residence. Board (i.e., meals) may be provided but is not essential.

Establishments that manage short-stay accommodation establishments (e.g., hotels and motels) on a contractual basis are classified in this subsector if they both manage the operation and provide the operating staff. Such establishments are classified based on the type of facility managed and operated.